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  Please enter your User Identification Number (ID) and your personal identification number (PIN). Your ID begins with capital A and is followed by 8 numbers.Your initial PIN is your birthdate entered as 6 digits mmddyy (example DOB January 23, 1990 is entered as 012390).

You will be required to change your PIN on your FIRST login to protect your privacy and student records. If you have previously entered ArgoExpress, you have changed your PIN that is now at least 6 numeric digits in length.

When you are finished, please Exit and close your browser to protect your privacy.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you have forgotten your PIN, please enter your User ID and select the Forgot PIN button.

CautionYour user account will be disabled after 5 unsuccessful login attempts. If you have forgotten you PIN, please use the Forgot PIN access prior to your 5th login attempt. For additional assistance, please contact IT Services at servicedesk@uprovidence.edu.

ArgoExpress will be unavailable for daily maintenance between 1:00am and 2:00am MST.


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